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What Is Seamless Secure?


Seamless Secure is a very powerful WordPress plugin that will allow your subscribers to sleep better at night knowing their site is secure from very common hacker attacks.

With Seamless Secure they'll be able to:

- easily remove vulnerabilities
on their wordpress sites
- backup their sites,
- easily schedule backups,
- easily restore their sites
- and even scan and remove commonly known
malware code.

If you've been online for any amount of time, there's a good change that you been victim of malware attacks. Allow Seamless Secure to help you prevent further attacks.

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The Frontend offer will be the multi-site license of Seamless Secure. This will allow your subscribers to easily remove common vulnerabilities from their WP sites.

OTO 1 - Here Your subscribers will be able to get Seamless Duplicator Software. As if your subscribers didn't feel safe enough with our Seamless Secure plugin, our Seamless Duplicator plugin will allow your subscribers to create a copy of their site that they can store locally and make changes on before putting it live on their domain.

This will help them test new plugins, themes etc, without having to worry about anything breaking.

OTO 2 - This will be our monthly recurring service, Seamless Superhero, which will allow your customers to get constant security updates for their sites.

We all know there are more hackers and malware hitting the internet everyday than any one person can deal with, so with our Seamless Superhero service your subscribers can reply on us on a monthly to stay on top of the latest security issues for them.


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