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icon-05This requires ZERO
video marketing experience - We’ve taken ALL the guesswork out of creating videos that sell by DOING IT FOR YOU!

We’ve done all the research
for you by creating videos in the HOTTEST niches that are PROVEN to produce BIG CHECKS!

You don’t have to worry
about creating ANY videos if you don’t want to. No need for you to learn any complicated video creation software, voice over software, microphones or ANY of that stuff. We’ve invested over $35k of our own money to put together this MASSIVE library.

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Let’s Checkout The Members Area So you can see EXACTLY what you’re getting:


Plus ALL of Our Green-Screen Videos Are
Fully Compatible With:

And also compatible with ANY other video software that allows Green-Screen importing and editing!

Video Chief is one of the Largest Libraries of Video Marketing Resources that you’ll Ever Get Your Hands On.

Inside of Video Chief you’ll be getting:

Over 75 UK Edition White-Background Video Templates

In our UK Edition, we've created 75, ready-made videos in over a dozen of the hottest niches out there that you can sell right away. The British accent is so well-accepted worldwide that you can use these in just about any country out there. ALL filmed in 4k HD quality

Over 75 UK Edition Green-Screen Video Templates

Since our users LOVE having the flexibility to edit videos as much or as little as they'd like for different clients, we've decided to also include the green-screen versions of our UK Edition videos. These will allow your customers to profit even more by being able to customize the videos easily.

ALL 150 Videos From Version 1.0

Yup, you'll also be getting access to ALL videos from version 1.0 which include over 350 done-for-you videos spread across more than 3 dozen of the hottest niches that you can sell for $500-$1000 or more.

ALL 200 Hollywood-style Video Templates From Version 2.0

Yup, you'll also be getting ALL of our hollywood-style videos from version 2.0 which includes over 300 high-quality videos. These are HD quality, "dramatic" type videos that come packed with a ton of emotional elements for amazing conversions.

ALL 150 Videos From Our Green-Screen Version

Of course we're also going to include ALL 300 of the videos we added when we released our Green-Screen edition. These allow you to profit even more by being able to quickly edit the videos as much or as little as you'd like for several different clients.

Over 100 HD Video Backgrounds (exclusive free BONUS)

Yup, you read that right. Not only are you getting the ready-made green-screen videos, we're also going to be including over 100 HD background videos so you can easily customize the green-screen videos however you'd like!

Over 150 Script Templates

You’ll also be getting access to ALL the scripts that we used for our videos. This will allow you to customize and create your own videos without spending the time and money to hire a video script copywriter.

Over 150 Voice Over Templates

Want to use our voice over voices but want to tweak the visuals? Download the voiceovers in just ONE click and customize your visuals however you’d like!

Over 50 Course Training Templates

Want to get into the digital products arena but don’t have the content? Use one of our done-for-you courses and either sell them as upsells to your clients OR use them to build your list!

HD Video Ready

Every single video and audio track is ready to be exported in FULL HD format. This means export in 1080 HD quality. We do NOT play around with the quality we shoot in. These were all created with the BEST cameras and microphones in a professional studio.

Full Editable Options

You can customize each template as much or as little as you’d like. Either way you can rest assured you’ll be making some AMAZING videos. Use our full videos as-is OR customize them with the script and voice over templates.

Fast and Friendly Customer Support

If you still run into any issues at all, we’ll be here to clear up any problems you may face inside of our dashboard.

Talk about an amazing package, right?

We couldn’t agree with you more.

And today, you get instant access to this package at a HUGE discount and you’ll be getting full agency rights to sell them to your clients.

What's NEW In our UK Edition? Here's just a sneak peak at the videos that are waiting for you!

You're also getting ALL of the UK Videos in Green Screen format as well!

Here's just a sneak peak at the Greenscreen videos from version 3.0 that are waiting for you:

We're Also Including 100+ HD Video Backgrounds As a FREE Bonus To Use With The Green-Screen Videos!
See The Previews Below:

Plus, you get ALL the 200+ hollywood-style videos from version 2.0. Take a look at how awesome these are!

And you also get Access To The 150+ Videos From Version 1.0! Take a look at just a SMALL portion of the 1.0 ready-made videos that are waiting for you

But we’re NOT done yet!

Remember, inside of Video Chief, you’re not just getting the
done-for-you videos. We’re also gonna be including:

Here’s just a small sample of the Voiceovers and Video Training templates

This is easily one of the LARGEST libraries of video marketing
resources that you’ll ever get your hands on.

You’re just minutes away from being able to download any of them and sell them for a MASSIVE profit!

From The Desk of Joshua Zamora

Hey There, my fellow marketer!

It’s no secret that video is becoming a bigger and bigger part of a successful businesses marketing strategy! In the last couple years ALONE we’ve seen:

Introduced videos to their stream

Introduced video functionality

Introduced video ads

Pushing their video ads program

Check Out Just Some of These Stats:

Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic

65% of video viewers watch more than 3/4 of a video

78% of people watch videos online every week

55% of people watch videos online EVERY DAY

However, not ALL videos are created equal.

With so many people consuming video content now...

  • You have to make sure you stand out
  • You have to make sure your videos are engaging
  • You have to make sure your videos are professional
  • You have to make sure your videos are in high definition
  • You have to make sure your sound quality is of the best quality

If not, you’ll get lost in the sea of BORING videos - And you don’t want to lose out on potential sales because of that, right?

Of course not!

What better way to ensure you truly capture your clients attention than using templates that are PROVEN to convert and designed by a high-end video studio with all the proper equipment and studio, right?

And with our done-for-you videos inside of Video Chief, you have a nearly guaranteed way to go out there and profit your first $1,000 check by the end of the week!

But at this point you may be wondering:
“Josh this sounds amazing, but how much is it gonna cost me to access this amazing library?”

I’ll be 100% honest with you. It cost over $35,000 to put together this entire membership site. And let’s not even get into the amount of precious time that was put into creating EVERY single video.

If you went out there and created these types of videos yourself, you’d have to worry about:

  • Making sure you purchase the right kind of camera. (will easily run you over $2k-$3k)
  • Making sure you have the right audio equipment. (another $500-$1,000)
  • Making sure you have the right editing software ($100-$300)
  • Making sure you hire the right actors the first time around ($100/hour or more)
  • Making sure you have a green screen PLUS proper lighting ($500-$1,000)
  • AND being able to invest 3-4 months of your time to record, edit AND finalize EVERY single video.

I hope you can now see just how valuable having all of this work DONE FOR YOU is.

Now normally, we will be charging a monthly fee to get access to Video Chief, however, for the next few days ONLY, you’ll be able to secure access to our ENTIRE library for just a one-time fee.

But you have to act fast we couldn’t possibly keep this discount offer open forever. It’s just too valuable of a resource to sell at such a low price.

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30 Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

And of course, you can’t forget about our 30-day no questions asked, money back guarantee. Get Full access to Video Chief for a full 30-days and if for some reason you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you a FULL REFUND!

But Wait, we’re not done yet!

We’ve got some Fast Action Bonuses For You As Well

Bonus #1

The 3 Fastest Ways To Find BUYER Clients

Prior to going full-time online, I used to run the SEO department for 2 web design companies here in Miami. One of my roles was sales. In this bonus, I'll be sharing with you our 3 most profitable ways to attract clients that were ready to pay us.

And that's just the beginning of what's covered in this bonus training.

Bonus #2

Client Sign Up and Proposal Contracts

Here you'll be getting the EXACT contracts we use to easily get clients signed up and pay us anywhere from $500-$3000 a month. And also the EXACT contracts we use for one-time services (like selling a video to a client)

Having a proper contract allows you to look a lot more professional AND truly commits your clients to working with you.

Bonus #3

The Secrets of The $500k/month man

In this incredible interview you’re gonna hear from a guy who makes over $500k per month through his marketing agency! You’re gonna get a full insider’s view into his entire process. Plus you’re gonna get some amazing mindset training and some BADASS sales training that you’ll be able to use to generate some BIG paychecks. This training alone will allow you to close more deals and collect more checks.

Talk About Some Badass Bonuses, Right?

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